Weekly Truth

This week I've felt a huge burden for all of the suffering that's been going on around me. Christians in the Middle East are being persecuted daily, people in our community are battling disease, friends are struggling with anxiety and depression, and loved ones are walking through grief and loss. Hardships are everywhere, often making me feel small and utterly helpless. 

Last night I met with some of the ladies from our church for a prayer meeting, and I was blessed when one of them turned to Psalm 46 and prayed it out loud. 

"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." Psalm 46:1

Pain and suffering are going on all around us, maybe even in our own lives, so I pray that this verse (and all of Psalm 46) would be a comfort to you and those around you this week. Here are some things that have been on my heart as I've focused on this short verse:

God is our refuge. He is our safe place, our shelter from danger, a place where we can find rest and security. In all of life's circumstances, in seasons of blessing and in trial, He is steadfast and secure. 

God is our strength. Because on our own, we are oh so weak. He gives us the power and the capability to move forward with endurance because we can't find it in ourselves.

God is a very present help. He is near, even in those moments where He feels far-off. He is present, He sees exactly what we're going through, and He guides us. 

But the most important truth in all of this is that God is our refuge, strength, and present help only because our relationship with Him has been restored through Jesus. We can have hope in the midst of pain and trial only because of the reward Christ gained for us through the blood He shed. And He can relate to our suffering because He Himself suffered. 

I hope this week's wallpaper reminds us not only to memorize Truth and draw near to God when we feel overwhelmed, weak, and helpless, but that it also reminds us to pray for those who are suffering. Is there something that you need prayer for this week? Please send me a message - I would love to pray for you. And feel free to share this wallpaper and the weekly Scripture cards in the Library with those around you who could use this reminder too. 

Each week I design a new iPhone background with a different verse and share it on the blog. Seeing Scripture several times throughout my day reminds me of truth, strengthens my faith, and helps me me memorize God's Word so I can accurately share it with others. Feel free to download, pin, and share these backgrounds as many times as you would like!