Trusting Your Designer

It requires a lot of faith to hand over something as important as your business's brand, your wedding photos, or even your hairstyle to someone you don't know very well. It's easy to be anxious and hesitant when you aren't familiar with a designer's process or terminology. But the most helpful thing you can do to assist the creative professional you've hired is to trust them.

Today I'm here to set your mind at ease by helping you see how we think, why we make certain decisions, and how you can help us along the way. 

Here's why you can trust us:

We're perfectionists. You might associate creative professionals with the head-in-the-clouds, laid back, fine artist stereotype, but most designers are extremely type-A. We fixate on small details, spend hours tweaking and revising projects, and the thought of giving clients anything less than our best stresses us out. Striving for perfection is in our nature. 

We're problem-solvers. When you think about a designer's job, you probably think of aesthetics and all things visual. But there is another important aspect of our job that is commonly overlooked: problem solving. A design might look nice, but if it doesn't appeal to your ideal audience or drive sales and traffic, we know it isn't worth your investment. Good designers will work with you to outline and define any specific problems that you may have and come up with solutions.

We see the bigger picture. In the early stages of the design process, it might be difficult for you to see how all of the bits and pieces of your brand, website, or even your living room will fit together. Rest assured. Designers have the gift of visualizing a cohesive end result. We keep the finished product in mind throughout the scope of a project and we're able to see the bigger picture when you might not be able to. 

We have experience. Creative professionals are passionate about their work, they've dedicated countless hours to their field, and they've gone through a lot of formal training to get where they are. We have the skills and the experience to work with you, and we want nothing more than to give you a final product that you're excited about. 

You already like our work. You pursued a working relationship with us because you saw something in us that you liked. There's a great chance that if you were attracted to our portfolio and our previous work, you will love the final outcome of your current project. 

And here's how you can help:

Do your research. Before hiring a designer, photographer, interior designer, or any other creative professional, do your research. Visit the About section on their website, see what kind of formal training they've had, and look through their portfolio. Read testimonials from past clients. Ask for reviews from friends and family who have worked with them before. Doing your research before you work with us will set your mind at ease and allow you to trust us from the start. 

Meet with us. We understand the importance of client/designer relationships. Reach out to us, talk to us, and get to know us better before you sign a contract and relinquish control of your project. Getting to know a creative professional beforehand will help set our mind at ease.

Give us lots and lots of feedback. Communication is key. When a designer shows you drafts and revisions, be honest in your opinion and thoroughly explain the details you like and the elements you're not a huge fan of. Good designers will listen to your feedback and take your concerns to heart, but in the end they will make decisions that will benefit you in the long run. 

Keep an open-mind. We understand it's difficult to let go of expectations and preconceived ideas. It's hard to relinquish control, especially with something so huge and personal like the design of your website or the layout of your kitchen, but part of the design process is taking risks and considering things you may not have thought about before. After all, you're reaching out to a designer for help because you don't have the ability to tackle this project on your own. Have faith in the experience, knowledge, and creativity of your creative professional and appreciate their different perspective. 

Whether you are working with a designer, wedding photographer, hairstylist, or interior designer, know that you are in good hands. We have knowledge and experience under our belts, we have your goals in the forefront of our minds, and when we do what we do best, you will always be happy with the outcome. It's okay to trust us - you'll be glad you did!