A Spontaneous Highlight Reel

Sometimes the unexpected happens, things come up, and Coffee Dates get rescheduled. And that's okay! Spontaneity is good for a type-A planner like me. It also gives me a chance to do a little recap of what's been happening around Elle & Company this month. Here's a look at some recent blog highlights:

I got a little sappy about the one thing that's transformed my business, made the jump and began working full-time for Elle & Company, and broke out of my comfort zone by writing this post

We switched things up when you joined me for a Coffee Date, and I had way too much fun illustrating your answers in this fun little infographic

I wrote a few letters each Monday, shared my heart and a handful of free wallpapers in the Weekly Truth series, and filled up the Library with more printable paper goods.

I made a long list of my design must-haves, compared websites and gas stations, and brightened things up around here with this colorful post.

I finished up the How to Start a Blog series and began new blog feature called Today's Top 3And of course I can't forget the handful of talented ladies that joined me for Friday Coffee Dates!

If you liked these posts, wait until you find out what I have up my sleeve for fall! Be sure to follow along with Elle & Company and be the first to see what's in store.

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