How to Create the Quintessential Instagram Feed

Instagram is currently the fastest growing social media platform. It started as a simple photo-sharing app among friends, and it has since grown into a community of over 300 million brands and consumers. For business owners and bloggers, it's silly not to be engaging with followers on Instagram through likes, follows and comments; an active audience is right at your fingertips. 

Since Instagram is all about visuals, it's important to have a professional, branded feed. We all appreciate those accounts with the seamless, gorgeous images, but we may not know exactly how to get our own feed looking cohesive and one-of-a-kind. Today I'm sharing a few fundamental tips to get you started in the right direction.

How to Create the Quintessential Instagram Feed | Elle & Company

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By putting a little extra effort into your Instagram account, you have the potential to reach a greater audience, foster engagement, and create a loyal following. 

Are you active on Instagram? How have you created a more professional, cohesive Instagram feed for your blog or business?