How I Stay Organized (and new Library additions!)

Staying organized has been one of my greatest challenges since making the leap to full-time entrepreneurship. In order to juggle multiple projects, meet deadlines, and work in a timely manner, I learned very quickly that I needed a system.

This summer I started to take more advantage of my own Daybook products and I've been putting them to use everyday. My Daybook binder has been extremely helpful for keeping up with client information, tasks, and projects. I have a section for my weekly planner, a section for home worksheets (like my Menu Planner and Cleaning Checklist), a section for the Elle & Company blog, and a section for each one of my branding clients.

I'm a big fan of my pretty blue Martha Stewart binder and colorful tabs. You too? You can find them at Staples in the Martha Stewart section along with more pretty office supplies.Β 

I'm a big fan of my pretty blue Martha Stewart binder and colorful tabs. You too? You can find them at Staples in the Martha Stewart section along with more pretty office supplies. 

At the beginning of each day, I pull out my Day Planner and list out all of the day's priorities, to-dos, and appointments. At the start of each week, I list tasks in my weekly To-Do List so that I have a good idea of what needs to get done and when. And at the start of each month I write down blog post ideas using my Brainstorm sheet and schedule them into my Blog Calendar. When a client sends me their contract, I give it a 3-hole-punch and add it into my client section along with their timeline, Client Detail sheet, and Project Planner worksheet. I've developed my own little system by picking and choosing the Elle & Company worksheets that work best for me.

Having everything all in one place has made organization easier, especially when I need to take my binder on-the-go for a client meeting or a workday at the coffee shop. I'm able to run my business (and my life) more efficiently when I have a well-organized system for keeping everything in order. The Daybook binder is a one-stop-shop for me.

Whether you're a mom, a student, a business woman, or maybe all of the above, I know that life can be crazy for you, too. It helps to have a system in place to keep life organized, so I've added the 3 best-selling Daybook worksheets to the Elle & Company Library to help you start a "one-stop-shop" for your schedule like I have. 

Day Planner printable from Elle & Company

The Day Planner is helpful for planning out your daily schedule, listing and ordering priorities, and keeping track of tasks. 

Project Planner printable from Elle & Company

The Project Planner worksheet is a great blueprint for outlining important deadlines, action steps, and time estimates for students, moms, and business women alike. 

Client Detail printable from Elle & Company

The Client Detail Sheet makes keeping up with client information a breeze by displaying contact details, payments, and meeting notes all on one page.

In addition to the 3 worksheets above, the Library is stocked with 10 more helpful Daybook inserts:

Elle & Company Library subscribers have unlimited access to these worksheets and all of the other printable paper goods that are filling up our collection, including art prints, cards, gift tags, resume templates, and more. And for $6.99 a month and the ability to cancel at any time, it's a steal! Would you like to try it out? Click here for more information or click the link below to subscribe to our growing collection of printable paper goods!

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