New Brand + Website Design for Minky & Prickett

One of my favorite things about designing brands and websites is that no two projects are ever the same. While the design process may look similar, I enjoy designing elements of each brand that make it distinctly one-of-a-kind. Today's brand and website reveal for Minky & Prickett is no exception, and I'm excited to give you an inside look into the design process as well as reveal the final brand and website!

Brand style board for Minky & Prickett - Elle & Company

Minky & Prickett is a shop where "handmade is well-made and fun meets function." My older sister, Allyson, started the venture a couple years ago selling stitched products, and she's become known for her well-made bibs, burp cloths, dish towels, scarves, pouches, and buntings. She came to me for help with developing her visual brand, and it turned into one of the most fun projects I've designed to date. 

Minky & Prickett branding and website design - Elle & Company

Unlike my most recent branding projects, I didn't start the process with an inspiration board. Instead, I looked to the bright colored prints and patterns that Allyson pairs together for her products. The fabric that she chooses is always bright, cheerful, and illustrative, so I knew that the brand needed reflect those characteristics. The ideal customers for Minky & Prickett are women in their mid-20s to early 40s, so I was also intentional about adding in feminine touches to appeal to them.

The script in the "Minky" part of the logo brings in some femininity, while the "Prickett" type lends itself to a playful, handmade feel. I love the contrast and balance between the two fonts, and the dark brown is a versatile, dark neutral that pairs well with all sorts of bright colors. I also chose to bring in some illustration, color, and femininity through the florals in the logo. I think that the final result is a great representation of the "fresh, functional, and fun" qualities that we were aiming for.

Facebook cover image design for Minky & Prickett - Elle & Company

We pulled that same illustrative style into the business cards, stickers, tags, social media designs, promotional items, and my personal favorite, the website. Little thoughtful touches like the illustrations on the process page and the flower favicon in the web browser are some of my favorite parts of this new website.

Minky & Prickett website design - Elle & Company
Minky & Prickett website design - Elle & Company

Allyson also recruited the talent of my friend and brand photographer, Andrea Pesce, to take images that matched the aesthetic of Minky & Prickett's new brand and website. The pops of color, white space, and playful props fit in perfectly!

Minky & Prickett brand and website - Elle & Company
Minky & Prickett brand and website - Elle & Company

The new brand and website deisgn for Minky & Prickett isn't lacking in cheer and personality. The contrasting fonts, happy colors, and illustrative qualities make this brand original, playful, and one-of-a-kind, and it's even better when you see it all together on the live site. Visit the new Minky & Prickett website and have a look around! 

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