Today's Top 3 - Helpful Blog Posts for Blogging, Design, and Business

I'm starting this new week with another roundup of my favorite things in Today's Top 3! Today I'm sharing some of my favorite articles about 3 of my favorite things: blogging, design, and business. 

Top 3 helpful posts for blogging

  • 13 Ways to Drive Traffic to Old Blog Posts - Oh, the archives. Mine contain over 200 posts from this past year, which means that all of the posts I spent hours writing are now laying dormant, buried behind new content. Are you in the same boat? This post by Nectar Collective is full of great ideas for driving readers to your older posts. 
  • 10 Things I Have Learned Along the Way - The ladies from iHeartOrganizing share what they've learned about blogging and mistakes they've made along the way, including overcommitting, comparison, checking stats, moderating comments, and more. This is definitely worth reading if you're a blogger or you're hoping to become one in the future!
  • Five Things to Watch in Your Blog Analytics - Keeping up with the analytics of your blog is useful for finding out which posts your readers enjoy, how many people keep coming back to your site, how long they stick around, and more. This post from Blog Clarity simply explains the 5 things you should be looking for when you check your analytics.

Top 3 helpful posts for design

  • Streamlining Your Process - I love this post on creating shortcuts by one of my favorite designers, Breanna Rose. While I've been sharing about how to define your creative process these past couple weeks, this article provides some great tips on where you can scale back and save time. 
  • 3 things to tell yourself when you doubt your work - When you work full-time in a creative field, you're expected to have an unlimited amount of creative ideas. But what do you do when you don't feel inspired and ideas are hard to come by? Lisa's post is a helpful reminder for those days when you're feeling frustrated and your creativity is at an all-time low. 
  • 4 Tips for Finding and Embracing Your Design Style - Is it terrible to link back to one of my old posts in a roundup? I hope not! This post continues to be one of my favorites; I'm passionate about playing up your strengths as a designer and highlighting your own individual aesthetic. 

Top 3 helpful posts for business

  • Organization for Creative Entrepreneurs - If you're a designer and you aren't keeping up with Braid Creative, you need to add them to your Favorites bar today. These tips for organizing email, project management, timetracking, scheduling, and virtual assistants are practical and useful. [Insert hallelujah chorus here]
  • Competition is for Sissies - If you only visit one link from today's post, make it this one. This article provides a refreshing change of perspective on competition and turned my business world upside down.
  • Freelance Finances - A quick, helpful post from Jay Adores on how to manage your finances when you work for yourself. It seems almost too simple! 

Now it's your turn! Which blogs and blog posts about blogging, design, and business have been helpful for you?