Jake's Letters

In a brave attempt to switch things up on the blog this week, I handed over the keyboard to my husband, Jake. Brace yourselves for his take on Monday's Letters...

Dear Mrs. Hooker, I just recently realized how ashamed you are that we eat McDonald's. Every now and again, we treat ourselves to some fries, a Coke Zero, or a McFlurry (it's the American thing to do). But just so everyone knows: LAUREN EATS AT MCDONALD'S.

Dear cat that we rescued last week, you're the world's friendliest cat. In a lot of ways, you have more dog qualities than cat qualities: you come when we call for you, you bark, and you will do anything for food. Lauren and I haven't officially named you, but I personally like CAThy (name suggestions are welcome).

Dear Toro Y Moi, your music may be weird, but I kind of like it. There is a strange ratio associated with your music: the less sleep I get the cooler it gets. I also noticed you're trying to bring back the turtleneck. Niiiiice. 

Dear Lauren, speaking of music, I didn't know you were such a Swifty. Last week you sent me a random text message about your excitement over this song. Since then, we've been listening to it on repeat. Hopefully,you shake this song right out of your head very soon.

Recent Letters

Each Monday I write four letters: two letters to my husband and two random letters to whatever else is on my heart each week. What originally started as a fun way to record events and funny stories pleasantly developed into a weekly habit of practicing thankfulness.