Monday's Letters

Dear Mr. Hooker, sometimes working from home every day can get a little lonely. Thank you for knowing me well and surprising me with dinner out and a stroll downtown last Tuesday. Walking hand-in-hand with you and talking about the little details of our days did my heart good.

Dear Heidi, your buddy Jake has been trying to name you Peggy or Cathy for the last week, so you owe me for insisting on a sweet, youthful alternative. A "Cathy" would never chase her tail, leap on toy mice, and catch lizards in the garden, right? You are quite the entertainment, little kitty, and you've brought even more laughter to our cozy Suite. 

Dear Carowinds, we've added you to our growing list of "Ways to Entice Friends & Family to Come Visit Us in Charlotte." Four of our closest friends made the 3-hour drive from Virginia to spend Saturday with us at your amusement park, and it was a blast. The hilarious memories we made were well worth your long lines and the 90 degree heat. 

Dear Jake, exactly 2 years ago I wore white and met you at the end of the aisle. Those vows that we took have been lived out each day and they've taught me so much about forgiveness, grace, and love. You make this life so much fun and I'm forever grateful that God blessed me with you. Happy anniversary, love! 

Each Monday I write four letters: two letters to my husband and two random letters to whatever else is on my heart each week. What originally started as a fun way to record events and funny stories pleasantly developed into a weekly habit of practicing thankfulness.

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