Monday's Letters

Dear Mr. Hooker, I say this each and every time, but long car rides are a thousand times more fun with you in the driver's seat. Thank you for making up ridiculous song lyrics, singing them in your "Creed" voice, and coming up with new dance moves. No one makes me laugh until I cry quite like you do.

Dear Hudson and Deborah, thank you for taking great care of our sweet rascal of a cat while we visited family in Virginia this weekend. Thank you for inviting her over for a play date with the dogs (I still can't believe she played with them and let them lick her head!) and thank you for spoiling her rotten despite her Houdini escape from our bathroom window. You're the cat's meow :)

Dear half marathon, training for you has reminded me just how out of shape I am, both mentally and physically. Without the accountability and motivation of my 3 best friends/running buddies (and a little help from the cardio playlists on Spotify), I would have given up on you long ago. Here's to long Saturday runs, sore muscles, and ice cream recoveries ;) I know it will be all worth it when we cross that finish line in November! 

Dear Jake, yesterday we took our "day of rest" literally and rested our eyes for 4 hours in between morning and evening church services. Even more ridiculous? We went to bed early last night and slept for another 9 hours. I'm hoping that it was just our fun-filled weekend finally catching up with us and not that nasty cold bug that's been going around...

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