How to Create Catchy Headlines

Is your headline the first thing you consider when you sit down to write a post?

Probably not, but creating a catchy blog post title is one of the most important aspects of each blog post. It's the gateway to your content; it convinces people to click or scroll right past your latest post'. 

In fact, studies show that 8 out of 10 people will read your headline but only 2 out of 10 will read your entire post. 

Here are a few pointers for drawing in potential readers and a couple "templates" to help you create a catchy headline for your upcoming posts. 

How to Create Catchy Headlines | Elle & Company

Write Your Headline First

Cohesive, easy-to-read posts accomplish a goal.

By writing your headline at the outset, before ever writing the content of your blog post, you're giving yourself a reference point and a goal to work toward. It makes it easier to outline the post and helps maintain your focus as you're writing it.

Make a Promise

Think of headlines as promises; they're meant to draw in prospective readers so that they can access information that is of some benefit to them, whether it's entertaining, instructional, helpful, or insightful.

Catchy headlines allow you to deliver on a promise to your readers. If your content delivers on a promise in your headline, you'll create loyal readers out of casual browsers. 


Always consider who you're writing for and who you're trying to appeal to when you're coming up with a catchy headline. Which keywords and phrases will jump out at them? What are they looking for? What are they interested in?

This goes hand-in-hand with the content that you're creating, but think of topics that will benefit your audience and draw them in.

Use Unexpected Words

Catchy headlines jump out at readers because they often use unexpected words.

For example, "50 Insanely Easy Ways to Triple Your Income" is more appealing than "50 Ways to Make More Money."

Looking up synonyms for common words can be the best way to come up with eye-catching words. Get in the habit of using or to find more appealing words for your headlines.

Create Subheadlines

Once you've settled on a catchy headline that makes a promise and appeals to your audience, focus on strong subheadlines to outline your post and break it up into smaller sections.

Readers often scan blog posts, so subheadlines allow them to easily follow along and access the information that they're most interested in. This keeps readers engaged and on your site longer, which increases the probability that they'll continue to follow along or purchase your products and/or services. 

6 Simple Headline Ideas

In an ideal world, every headline idea would be completely original and amazing. But in reality, everyone experiences creative droughts from time to time.

Here are 6 consistently popular headline templates that can easily be altered to suit your posts and appeal to your audience.

1  |  How to [desired result]

Guide posts are consistently popular because people desire instant gratification; they want to learn something valuable in a short amount of time. These headlines appeal to those who want a quick fix. 

  • How to Make a Million Dollars By Blogging
  • How to Jumpstart Your Productivity
  • How to Create a Fortune 500 Company

2  |  [Number] Reasons _________

Readers love a good list, and the longer the list is, the better. If you're willing to put in the time to create a longer list that your readers can benefit from, it will pay dividends. 50 No-Fluff Bog Post Ideas continues to be an Elle & Company reader favorite!

  • 50 Reasons You Should Quit Your Day Job
  • 10 Reasons You're Not Making Sales
  • 75 Reasons Why Driving a '94 Honda Accord is Awesome

3  |  What Every _____ Should Know About _____

This catchy headline identifies a specific group of people and draws their attention to a topic that's relevant to them. 

  • What Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Adobe Illustrator
  • What Every Body Builder Should Know About Eating Chocolate
  • What Every Bachelor Should Know About Cleanliness

4  |   Why _____ is _____

Readers also love an explanation and a different perspective, and this type of headline gives them just that. 

  • Why Blogging is Fantastic for Creative Businesses
  • Why My Dad is Cooler than Yours
  • Why Your Car isn't as Awesome as My '94 Accord

5  |   [Number] Ways to Avoid _____

This headline is a negative spin on #2. And although no one likes a negative Nancy, especially on a blog, many psychological studies have proved that negativity can be a powerful tool. In fact, most people remember negative things more than positive - it's called negativity bias, and you can appeal to it by helping people avoid something negative.

  • 5 Ways to Avoid Credit Card Debt
  • 25 Ways to Avoid Getting the Stomach Flu This Winter
  • 7 Ways to Avoid Looking Like an Idiot on Your First Date

6  |  My [Adjective] Method for _____

If you've discovered something helpful, people will want to hear about it; we all love learning how others have achieved success, lost 50 pounds, or have become debt-free. Think about your accomplishments and form them into blog posts that give away your secrets. 

  • My Simple Method for Gaining Instagram Followers
  • My Secret Method for Building a Successful Business in 1 Year
  • My Odd, Unheard of Method for Marathon Training

Did you notice that these headline formats lead you to create helpful content for readers, too? Strong blog post titles play an important role in attracting the attention of your readers. Putting a little more thought and intention into your headlines will grow your blog and improve your content.

How much thought do you put into your blog post titles? Which headlines always catch your attention?