Brand Challenge Day 9: Refine your primary logo

While a logo isn’t a brand, it is one of the most memorable and recognizable components of a brand.

But where do you even begin to create a logo? What do you need to keep in mind? And if you already have a logo, how do you know if it’s up to par?

Today’s action step and how-to will help you create your logo from scratch if you don’t have one, or give you some important things to consider to see if your current logo needs revising.

This post is part of Elle & Company’s 4-week Brand Challenge. Click here to see more details, sign up, and access the free workbook.

Brand Challenge Day 9: Refine your primary logo | Elle & Company


Refine your primary logo

If you don’t have a logo quite yet, this Elle & Company blog post will walk you through the process I use to create custom logos from start to finish (don’t worry about the variation part just yet - we’ll get to that very soon!).

I’ve left plenty of space for you to sketch out your logo concepts on page 12 of your workbook, as well as a checklist with the 5 characteristics of iconic logos as a reference point.

Brand Challenge Day 9: Refine your primary logo

If you already have a logo, weigh it against these 5 characteristics to see if a revision might be necessary.

Don’t worry about color quite yet; it can be too big of a distraction from the more important features of your logo.

Instead, develop your logo concept in black and white to focus on the form and composition of the logo. We’ll worry about color next week.

When you’ve landed on a solid concept, make it digital by using a tool like Adobe Illustrator and keep it on hand. You’ll be coming back to it and adding color very soon...