40 Easy, Engaging Video Content Ideas for Your Creative Business

“When I discovered YouTube, I didn’t work for 5 days.” - Michael Scott

Video platforms like YouTube (and more recently, Periscope) are easily the world’s greatest time-wasters. We’ve all been guilty of losing track of time on YouTube at least once, because videos are easily consumable, very addicting, and highly entertaining.

As a matter of fact, studies show that a whopping 78% of us watch videos online every week and 55% watch videos online every day.

Which is why Youtube is also the world’s greatest overnight-success-maker. If you’re on the production-side of a video and you’ve come up with a clever idea, you might just have a viral hit on your hands.

Video holds a lot of potential for interaction, engagement, and shares for creative businesses. And for that reason, it’s one of the best visual marketing tools you can use.

But it producing videos can be a little overwhelming, can’t it? Even with helpful video tools out there like Animoto, many of us struggle to come up with simple ideas for video content that would appeal to our audience. 

And that’s where this post comes in. I’ve rounded up 40 easy, engaging video content ideas to help get your creative gears turning. My hope is that you’ll find a few ideas to implement and as a result, bring your business more exposure.

40 Easy, Engaging Video Content Ideas for Your Creative Business | Elle & Company

1  |  Share a big announcement

Do you have exciting news to share with your audience? Instead of sharing it in a tweet or graphic, announce it in a short video and share it on social media.

2  |  Produce a parody

If you can come up with a clever spin-off of a popular music video or movie clip, you’re set. People love creative twists on new, relevant topics, so use that to your business’s advantage. If you do go this route, be sure to act quickly and strike while the trend is still hot.

3  |  Film a customer testimonial

Take your customer feedback out of quotations and produce a quick interview. Not only is this much more engaging, but a firsthand testimonial is also much more personable and relatable. 

4  |  Walk through a how-to

Actions speak louder than words. Use a video to show your audience how to do something in a video rather than telling them how to do something.

5  |  Host a Q+A

Have your audience ask you questions and answer them in a video. This works especially well on live-streaming platforms like Periscope or in webinars. 

6  |  Provide a behind-the-scenes look

There’s something in all of us that loves getting the inside scoop. Whether you have a new product in the works or you’re in the middle of a new product, invite your audience behind-the-scenes for an exclusive look.

7  |  Share the making of your product

Create a video to show the making of your product over time and all the steps that went into it. If you offer a service, you might show clips of your process and share the final result.

8  |  Create a stop-motion video

People usually think of incredibly involved, over-the-top ideas when they think of stop-motion videos, but they don’t have to be all that complicated. Take quick photos of something in action and compile them together in a video creator like Animoto to achieve that same stop-motion effect. 

9  |  Demonstrate unique product uses (or how not to use your product)

Instead of sharing a typical product demo or how-to, consider making your video a little more entertaining by showing people what not to do.

10  |  Introduce your employees

Do you work with a team of people? Humanize your business and make it more personable by introducing your audience to the people behind it. Have them answer some fun questions or tell a story.

11  |  Conduct an interview

Bring in an industry expert or a peer and ask them questions that would benefit your audience. Think of it as an opportunity to play the role of a news anchor.

12  |  Draw on a whiteboard/chalkboard

There’s something about drawing and demonstrating a concept on a whiteboard or a chalkboard that’s appealing, even if the person writing on it doesn’t have great handwriting or illustrations. It’s also super simple to produce; just set your video camera on a tripod, find a blank wall to hang up your board, and record.

13  |  Share your screen

Use a video tool like Quicktime to record a demonstration or how-to on your computer. Share your screen with your audience and walk them through a simple tutorial.

14  |  Unbox something or share a product review

Do you use certain tools or products within your field? Unbox them or review them in a video.

15  |  Show a day-in-the-life

We all love to step inside someone else’s shoes, so share what a day-in-the-life of your business looks like. Film short clips throughout the day and compile them together.

16  |  Create a time lapse

Are you working on a big project or a creative task that takes an extended amount of time? Set up your camera and film your progress over time. Then, speed it up and share it with your audience.

17  |  Share a before + after

If you’re in the process of transforming something, whether it’s your brand, a client project, or an office renovation, consider sharing before and afters through video.

18  |  Reveal a product

What better way to launch a product than to show all of its features and demonstrate how it works in a video? It’s a great way to build trust with your audience and build excitement. 

19  |  Thank your audience

Did you have an awesome turnout for an event or success with a new launch? Take a minute or two to thank your audience in a video, whether it’s recorded or live on Periscope.

20  |  Tell a story

Do you have an engaging story to share that relates to your business? Cleverly share your account of the story through video. You may even exaggerate a little to make it more engaging. 

21  |  Roundup video clips

Roundups are popular within blog posts, so why not take the same approach with your video content? Compile your favorite clips from the year or on a certain topic. You could even roundup your most recent projects and give your audience a look at your portfolio.

22  |  Recap a blog post

Do you have some blog posts with bulleted steps? Create a graphic for each step and compile them all into a simple video. Then, share it on social media to create interest about the post and drive traffic back to your site.

23  |  Hint at exciting news

If you have a launch or an exciting announcement coming up, consider sharing a video with a hint to build excitement among your audience. 

24  |  Share an office tour

People love seeing spaces, especially those of creative people. Familiarize your audience with your surroundings by giving them a quick office tour. 

25  |  Answer frequently asked questions

FAQ pages can get a little boring, so liven things up a little with video. You can get creative with these and go more in-depth by sharing your screen or using animation to answer some of the questions.

26  |  Animate a story or an experience

This might just be the most difficult to produce but it has the most potential for shares and engagement. Because really, who doesn’t love a fun, animated character like those in the Dumb Ways to Die commercial?

27  |  Introduce your business

Share a brief overview of your business, how you got started, what your values are, what your mission is, etc. Videos like this are great for a home page or about page on your website. 

28  |  Do a voiceover

With DubSmash as inspiration, find a preexisting video clip and switch out the words to make it relate to some aspect of your business. Get creative (and get permission before using someone else’s video).

29  |  Commentate on an event

Just like a sportscaster would give a play-by-play of a football game, commentate on an event. It could be a conference, a work meeting, an employee lunch… the possibilities are endless.

30  |  Perform a publicity stunt

This idea takes a little boldness and creativity, but it has the potential to catch people’s attention. Brainstorm ways to catch people by surprise or catch their attention in public and capture it on video.

31  |  Share your opinion on a popular topic

Polarizing content is often the most shared. Is there something big going on in the world that applies to your industry or is there something new going on in your industry? Record your take on it.

32|  Prove or disprove something

Is there a rumor or skepticism about a product, service, or theory going around? Conduct an experiment or demonstration to prove or disprove something and film it.

33  |  Film a competition or the results of a competition

Do you have a competition or challenge going on in your business? Film it and share it with your audience. Even if your competition/giveaway takes place on social media or your blog, you could film the results or reveal the winner in a video.

34  |  Do an impersonation

You can get creative with this one and think of it as your opportunity to take part in a Saturday Night Live skit. Whether you impersonate a celebrity, co-worker, or competitor, think of ways that you can cleverly tie it into your business and entertain your audience.

35  |  Rattle off a quick list

Do you have a long list of ideas, tools, or tips? While that type of content works well in a blog post, it also works well in a video. 

36  |  Hide a camera and film a reaction

If you’re planning on catching someone by surprise or you want to get an honest, firsthand user reaction to your product, consider hiding a camera and catching it on film. However, use discretion on this one and be sure to get the permission of the people you film before you post the video and share it.

37  |  Conduct a public poll

Do you need feedback on a certain topic? Ask random people in public for their feedback and record their answers. 
38  |  Share survey results

Maybe you’ve already conducted a survey for your business. Instead of keeping the results to yourself or sharing them in the text of a blog post, get creative and share them in a video.

39  |  Provide tips + tricks

Have you uncovered some helpful tips or tricks that would benefit your audience? Share them in a quick video and post it on social media.

40  |  Produce a cinemagraph

Cinemagraphs are still frames that have one changing element. This idea plays off of the stop-motion idea I shared above and can be a simple, engaging way to roundup information or demonstrate progress.

My challenge to you is to take one of the ideas above and carry it out to completion. While it may seem like unchartered territory, you might be surprised at how fun and simple these videos are to carry out and you’ll be even more surprised at the reaction of your audience. 

And if you enjoyed these ideas and want to learn more about how you can use visuals to increase engagement and sales for your business, be sure to take a look at our newest Elle & Company course!

Have you created videos for your business? If so, what type of video did you share and what was your audience’s response? If not, are you planning on giving any of the above ideas a try?