How to Create Custom Icons for Your Brand

Developing a memorable brand is all in the details. Which is why something so seemingly simple, like a custom icon set, can have such a large impact on your brand and website.

So in last Thursday's free Ellechat webinar, I spent an hour walking live attendees through the ins and outs of creating a professional, cohesive set of icons for their business.

How to Create Custom Icons for Your Brand | Elle & Company

I discussed why icons should be used where they can be shared, and how to come up with concepts for them. I also shared my process for creating a color palette for an icon set, developing a distinctive, consistent style, and which programs are great for designing them.

And I'm sharing all of the helpful content with you.

You can catch all of the details and watch the full replay by clicking this button and logging in...

...or you can click through all of the slides below!

My hope is that you'll walk away from all of this content with a better understanding of why icons are useful and more confidence for creating them.

Do you utilize icons for your creative business? If so, how do you go about creating and differentiating them?

P.S. I host these weekly webinars every Thursday at 3pm EST for the Elle & Company audience. I record each one and share all the replays, and while they're great, tuning in live is even better. 

Because when you join in live, it turns into a two-way conversation instead of a presentation. You can answer polls, chat with other creatives in the comments, and ask specific questions.

Each Ellechat is centered around a pertinent topic for creative entrepreneurs and they're free.

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