Monday's Letters


Dear Mr. Hooker, did you know that my birthday week is right around the corner? After all the hype you made about your own birthday week in May, I have high expectations. Breakfast in bed, thoughtful compliments throughout my day, full control over the car radio... Looks like you're in trouble. What goes around comes around, my dear.

Dear Rhonda the Honda, after two and a half weeks in critical care, you're running better than ever. Your AC has never been so cool and you're no longer making funny noises (although I think I heard your engine purr a time or two). We are oh-so grateful for a kind man in our church who donated countless hours nursing you back to health. No more problems for a while, okay?

Dear Allyson, you and your Mr. could have chosen anywhere to visit for your 10-year anniversary and you chose Charlotte, North Carolina. I would like to think that a visit with your favorite sister and brother-in-law motivated your decision, but I'm not that naive - I know that IKEA had a little something to do with it, too ;) If that's the case, you need to make IKEA trips more often! We loved spending time with you two. 

Dear Jake, have you ever met a stranger? There's no telling exactly what you're going to say to the guy at the gas station or the waitress at Macaroni Grill, but it almost always involves a joke and a friendly smile. You have the best way of striking up conversations and making new friends wherever we go, and I love that about you. 

Each Monday I write four letters: two letters to my husband and two random letters to whatever else is on my heart each week. What originally started as a fun way to record events and funny stories pleasantly developed into a weekly habit of practicing thankfulness.

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