My Top 23 Favorite Fonts

As a designer, I'm frequently asked which fonts I use and prefer. So today I'm rounding up some of my favorite serif, sans-serif, and fun fonts along with links so that you can download and make use of them, too!

Serif font - a font that has a small line attached to the end of a stroke in a letter or symbol

My Top 23 Favorite Fonts | Elle & Company

Garamond   //   St. Marie Thin   //   Josefin Slab   //   Vidaloka
Lora   //   Sanchez   //   Merriweather   //   Copse

Sans-serif font - a font that does not have the small projecting features called 'serifs' at the end of strokes

My Top 23 Favorite Fonts | Elle & Company

District Pro Thin   //   Montserrat   //   Alegraya Sans   //   Bebas Neue
Quicksand   //   Raleway   //   Varela   //   Archivo Narrow

Fun font - my term for a font that doesn't fit into either of the above categories

My Top 23 Favorite Fonts | Elle & Company

Bellota   //   Kailey   //   Naive Inline   //   Fertigo Pro
Sansita One   //   Mr. Moustache   //   Sail

My favorite fonts are fairly simple and easy to read. My personal style doesn't get too crazy with fonts; I often choose to keep them clean and instead add interest to my designs through color, illustration and composition. When it comes to fonts, I hold to the rule that less is more.