How I'm Preparing for the Illustrator Basics Course Launch

How I'm Preparing for the Illustrator Basics Course Launch

Adobe Illustrator is hands down the best all-in-one design tool for creating business graphics.

It’s the one program I’ve used to create each and every one of the graphics you see on this website. I’ve also used it to design every single client brand.

I teach other creatives how to use it to design one-of-a-kind graphics in my Illustrator Basics course, and the next launch is quickly approaching this summer.

I created the course 5 years ago and I’ve continued to make small changes to it each year, but it was time to make some bigger updates.

Today I’m giving you an inside look at what these updates are and how they’ll make Illustrator Basics even better for past students and new students, alike!

Why I Switched My Courses Over to Teachable

Why I Switched My Courses Over to Teachable

Online courses are gaining in popularity nowadays, and for good reason.

They’re great for sharing actionable information with your audience, they can be fantastic sources of passive income, and when done right, they’re able to position you as an expert in your industry.

For these reasons, new platforms for hosting online courses are popping up all over the place, like Memberspace, Teachery, Thinkific, Teachable, and more.

But with so many to choose from and so many different reviews and preferences from online business owners, it can be difficult to decide which platform will work best for your business.

I recently made the switch to Teachable after trying a few other online course platforms in the past, and I wanted to share my honest experience with it. 

Why did I make the switch? Would I recommend it? What would I change about it? Keep reading to find out.