The Contract Shop

A fantastic resource for setting up legal templates and contracts

One of the scariest parts of starting and scaling a creative business is setting it up legally. 

Not only are contracts, privacy policies, and terms and agreements totally outside of your wheelhouses, but the consequences of not setting them up correctly can be detrimental to your business. 

Thankfully, the Contract Shop has you covered, and their legal templates and courses are specifically designed for creative entrepreneurs, online course creators, consultants, coaches and more.

What sets The Contract Shop apart?

1  |  Accessibility - Like most modern attorneys, The Contract Shop’s founder, Christina Scalera, doesn’t believe in legalese or making her clients dependent upon her for understanding their legal documents. She wants you to understand the contracts, privacy policies, etc. that you’re giving to clients and customers.

2  |  Experience - The templates in The Contract Shop have been used by over 670 creative business owners. They’ve used all of the feedback from those customers to continually improve their templates.

3  |  Affordability - Attorneys cost a lot of money, and new business owners don’t often start out with deep pockets. For the price of an attorney’s hourly rate, you can have a contract template drafted by an attorney who attended a top 20 law school. 

4  |  Satisfaction - The Contract Shop prioritizes customer satisfaction, which is why they offer fair refunds. 

5  |  Customer service - Because The Contract Shop is run by Christina and her team, you won’t have any long waits or impersonal chats when you have a question. 

Get started

If you can’t stand the thought of duct-taping together a contract or paying for an attorney to draft one up for you, The Contract Shop is a fantastic option for setting up your business legally from the start.