The best tool for building and growing your email list

Business owners are becoming increasingly aware of how vital an email list is for engaging their audience and making sales. 

When you have someone’s email address, you have direct access to them. You can follow-up with them after they visit your website, gain more insight into their interests, and market to them in an engaging, personable way.

But collecting email addresses through opt-ins and managing an email list can be complicated. 

That’s why it’s important to have a well-designed, user-friendly tool like ConvertKit for building your list and keeping up with your subscribers.

Why ConvertKit?

1  |  ConvertKit is subscriber-based

Instead of organizing subscribers into numerous lists like MailChimp (and paying extra for subscribers who’ve subscribed to multiple lists), ConvertKit lumps all of your subscribers into one list.

It also keeps track of how each person joined your list, allows you to add tags based on the interests of each subscriber, and lets you easily see which emails they’ve opened and acted upon.

Because of these features, ConvertKit allows you to have more control over your list and understand what your subscribers are interested in. 

2  |  ConvertKit was created for business like ours

Unlike other email marketing platforms, ConvertKit was designed specifically for online business owners, which means tasks like automating content upgrades and mapping out sales sequences are a breeze to set up.

3  |  ConvertKit optimizes emails so that they actually land in inboxes (not in spam folders)

You could be sending amazing content to your subscribers, but all of your work will go unnoticed if your emails end up in their spam folders.

Thankfully, a major goal for ConvertKit is to build trustworthy deliverability so that emails actually land in your subscriber’s inbox. 

Their plain-text emails help you avoid spam filters and also give your marketing efforts a more personal feel.

Get started with ConvertKit

Are you interested in setting up your email list with this great platform? Elle & Company users can receive a free month of ConvertKit to test it out and explore all of its helpful features for themselves.