The best tool for project and task management

What’s multi-faceted, time-sensitive, and continually adds tasks to your never-ending to-do list? A creative small business.

Everywhere you turn there’s a project to finish, an email to reply to, a blog post to write. You have to wear multiple hats while keeping a million plates spinning. It’s like a circus act.

But you know that already. You also know that if you don’t have a system for keeping up with all those tasks and hats and plates, things can quickly get out of hand. 

It’s impossible to run your business efficiently and stay on top of all those tasks without a great project management system. 

Enter Asana.

Why Asana?

After trying out my fair share of project management platforms, I was thrilled to stumble upon Asana for these reasons.

1  |  Asana is easy-to-use and well-designed

There’s always a learning curve involved when you start using a new app like Asana, so the more intuitive the app, the better. Asana does a great job of keeping their dashboard simple and user-friendly.

The design is minimal and they haven’t gone overboard on customization options. It’s easy to find your way around with their project sidebar, visually organize tasks through colorful categories, and toggle between your task list and calendar.

2  |  Asana allows you to keep up with all of your business tasks, not just client projects

Chances are, you have more on your plate than just client work. Newsletters, blog posts, bookkeeping, partnerships, social media, products - there are many facets and tasks to keep up with when you’re running a creative business.

Asana’s dashboard makes it easy to keep up with all the different workflows that are constantly running behind the scenes. You can see all of your business tasks in one window, along with their categories, due dates, and who they’re assigned to.

3  |  Asana easily integrates with Google Drive

Google Drive is a great free tool for keeping up with blog and newsletter drafts, webinar outlines, course transcripts, client homework questionnaires, client files, and more.

If you use Google Drive as much as I do, Asana’s integration will make your life so much easier by allowing you to add Google Docs, Forms, and Sheets to your individual tasks.

4  |  Asana helps you manage and communicate with your team

If you have a team or hope to bring on the help of an assistant or team member in the future, you know it can take a while to come up with a system that gets everyone on the same page.

Assigning tasks, setting deadlines, and interacting with team members is very easy in Asana. Not only are you able to assign tasks, but you can keep up with everyone’s progress and chat about tasks and projects directly in the platform.

5  |  Asana creatively applauds your productivity

When you work for yourself, you don’t receive many pats on the back or encouragement to plough through tasks and projects. 

But whenever you’re on a roll checking off tasks in Asana, some sort of funny creature like a unicorn, narwhal, yeti, or phoenix will leap across your screen (I can’t make this stuff up)!

While this isn’t a primary reason to use Asana, their fun features enhance their user experience and encourage you to stay productive. It’s the little things.

6  |  Asana is free!

Unlike many other project management platforms, Asana’s basic plan (which is what I’ve used for years) is completely free. One less expense to worry about for your business!

Get started with Asana

Are you ready to try this easy-to-use project management app for yourself? Asana is free, so you truly have nothing to lose.