The best platform for hosting live events and webinars

Everyone seems to be catching on to the amazing benefits of hosting webinars. 

They’re engaging, personable, less scripted, and interactive. They’re a lot more entertaining than a blog post or an email, and they’ve been proven to have high conversion rates. 

It’s fairly easy to come up with ideas for webinars and find resources on how to host them. But searching for a webinar platform? That’s like searching for a needle in a haystack. 

Thankfully, I’ve found the needle. It’s called Crowdcast and it will change the way you run webinars. 

1  |  Easy set up

Setting up a new Crowdcast event takes less than 5 minutes, because you don’t have to do any designing or create any special landing pages. Simply give the event a name, set a day and time, write a quick description, and you’re good to go.

You also have the capability of creating unlisted, password protected, or paid events, all of which take little-to-no time to set up, too.

2  |   Dependable

I’ve been using Crowdcast weekly for almost 2 years now, and I can tell you without any hesitation that I have never had issues with my livestream being glitchy or inaccessible. 

Unlike other webinar platforms, I never have to worry that my livestream won’t broadcast. Crowdcast is trustworthy and dependable.

3  |  Email capture at registration

Webinars are a fantastic way to build and segment your list, so it’s important that the platform you use easily collects email addresses.

Crowdcast’s simple landing page design makes it very easy to register with their email address and integrates with email platforms like ConvertKit.

4  |  Replay access

Unlike other webinar apps, ConvertKit doesn’t require a separate link for replay access. If a registrant wants to watch a recording of your live event after it’s over, all they have to do is return back to the same registration link.

Crowdcast windows are also embeddable. So if you want to post a replay to your blog with show notes and links to any resources you mentioned, you can embed your Crowdcast window right in the post and your registration page will appear. Once a person registers, they can watch the replay right from that very same window. 

5  |  User friendly (for both the presenter and the viewers)

There shouldn’t be a learning curve to finding your way around a webinar page. Crowdcast is very user friendly for both you and your viewers and the design is intuitive.

Crowdcast has also done a great job of keeping all of their features in one window without having to scroll. 

6  |  Prominent call-to-action button

Are you using your webinar to sell a course or promote a product? Crowdcast allows you one call-to-action which appears as a big green button right below the video feed.

7  |  Comment, question, and poll features

Engagement is one of the biggest advantages of hosting an online event, and Crowdcast has done a great job of fostering engagement through their comment, question, and poll features.

The question and comment sections are separate so you don’t have to weed through the comments during a Q+A, and viewers can vote questions up and down. Your answers to questions can also be recorded, so viewers can click on the question once the webinar is over and it will jump to the answer in the recording.

8  |  Detailed analytics

Crowdcast’s analytics report shows you how many people tune in live to your event, where they tuned in from, which site pointed them to the registration page, how many people converted and registered for the event, the top registrants who engaged in the comments and polls, and more.

You can export all of this data and use it to improve your marketing strategies in the future.

9  |  Multistreams

Do you want to expand your reach beyond your email list? Multistreams are a great way to broadcast your webinar on Facebook Live, YouTube, and more.

With multistreams, Crowdcast allows you to keep all of the features you love about the platform (screensharing, inviting participants on screen, email registration, payments and more) while reaching a much wider audience.

Get started with Crowdcast

Crowdcast takes the stress and headache out of running online events. Once you get started with it, you’ll never look back!