How to Implement My 2-Week Design Process (Video!)

Ever since I shared my 2-week design process on the Elle & Company blog a few months ago, I've received a ton of comments and emails about the ins and outs of how it works.

So we decided to switch things up a bit from our normal blog content with a video explaining the benefits of the 2-week process as well as some tips for how you might be able to implement it for your service-based business.

Download the checklist!


I created a free checklist to help you implement this 2 week client process.

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Benefits of the 2-Week Process

1  |  Undivided attention

Who doesn't love being the center of attention, especially when you're paying for a service? By working with 1 client at a time, you're able to focus all of your time and energy into them.

Clients are also able to see fast progress in almost real time, with updates and drafts being sent to them at the end of each day. Many of my clients have remarked that the excitement of it all is almost like Christmas. 

2  |  Defined start and end dates

Those of you who work in service-based businesses know all too well that projects have a tendency to drag on forever and ever.

The 2-week design process gives you definite start and end dates for when the project begins and ends. This is beneficial for both your schedule and your client's schedule.

3  |  Easier booking

Before I started implementing the 2-week process, I worked with multiple clients at a time. Figuring out how many I projects I could take on and timelines I could keep up with was always a shot in the dark (and not to mention very stressful).

But this process has made it so much easier to determine how much I'm able to take on and how many clients I can book because they're all scheduled in 2-week increments.

Tips for a Productive 2-Week Process

1  |  Client homework

Months before the design process begins, a few days after a client originally books my services, I provide them with a series of questionnaires on branding and website design to prepare them for our time together.

Client homework is not only helpful for ensuring that the design process runs smoothly; I'm able to work more efficiently when my clients have everything ready to go before the process begins.

If you're planning to implement a similar process for your service-based business, I would highly recommend client homework. Think through which questions and materials your clients can prepare ahead of time to make your job easier.

2  |  Constant communication

My clients are normally working throughout the 2-week process, but I ask them to be available and check their email often so they can give me feedback and I carry on with the process.

Consider doing the same. Ask your clients to be available so you can stay on top of things and get things done in a timely manner.

3  |  Map out each day

With my design process, I've segmented different tasks for different days. 

For example, day 1 is always spent on the inspiration board, days 2 and 3 are spent on logo concepts, Day 4 is spent on the brand style guide, and so on. 

If you're hoping to implement a similar process, segment different tasks and consider which ones you'll focus on each day. 

This is not only helpful for keeping things together on your end, but it's also helpful for setting client expectations. 

4  |  Schedule buffer time

I try my best to schedule 1 week of buffer time in between each 2-week project for rest and creativity's sake instead of booking clients back to back. 

This is also helpful just in case someone gets sick or in the off-chance that the project drags on a little bit longer. 

The Big Picture

We know that the 2-week process won't work perfectly for every service-based business, but here's the big picture:

Think creatively about your process.

When Jake first threw out the idea of working with 1 client at a time for 2 weeks, I told him that he was crazy. I had never seen anyone in the design industry follow a process like that; it's an industry standard to juggle multiple projects at once.

But as I started to think through it and saw the numerous benefits, I started to see how much it made sense for me. 

Don't just take other people's word for it and blindly follow their process. Get creative and find a process that works well for you and your clients.

Download the checklist!


I created a free checklist to help you implement this 2 week client process.

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